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Welcome to the Capital Region Independent Development Authority

As per the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s cabinet decision dated 11 Saur 1395 (30 April 2016) and Presidential Decree No. 44 dated 3/4/1395 of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in order to create a healthy urban environment and to tackle the problems caused by an exponential population growth in the capital and considering the centralized nature of economic activities and services, Deh Sabz City Development Authority (DCDA) is thereafter renamed as Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) having the authority as Independent Budgetary Unit within the organizational structure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Message of the CEO

Kabul as the capital of the country is one of the largest city in Afghanistan. Various factors are involved in over population of this city, like centralization of economic activities such as industry, commerce activities, services delivery and existence of large markets, , as well as the unhealthy environment has caused this city facing great challenges. The centralization of commercial and services activities synchronously increased the population of this city, so in order to tackle these problems, some necessary measures must be taken in the capital zone including Kabul districts and in some districts of Parwan, Kapisa, Maidan Wardak and Logar provinces.

Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) is the core responsible Govt. body for capital region development, established with a vision to lay down a strong platform to address the aforementioned issues through rehabilitating the originality of capital zone by developing a dynamic, self-sustained, self-reliant city, equipped with standardized infrastructure, public facilities, commercial, social and cultural centers. The Authority aims for a balanced and sustainable development at the capital region through strengthening relation between cities and villages, giving considerable weightage to empowering youth and women, avoiding establishment of townships based on tribes, sects, languages and other social bonds which consequently would result to national unity.

After building a unique pathway in terms of planning, design, technical documentation and administration for Kabul New City, the authority enters to a new phase with wider scope of planning, design, implementation and monitoring of various major technical and economic development projects such as urban, infrastructures, agro-industries, industrial parks, and rehabilitations, commercial, social and cultural centers development in the capital region. This vision undoubtedly would be realized through endurance of Afghan people, government, and active participation of private investors, private public partnership and donor supports. CRIDA will provide all sorts of facilitation as a one stop shop for all stakeholders through a vibrant, transparent, fast and modern management approaches. read more...

Strategic Plans:

The Capital Region Independent Development Authority, based on instructions from HE, the President and in the light of Directive No. 3 of the cabinet of the IRA meeting dated 11 Saur 1395 (30 April 2016), and Presidential Decree No. 44 dated 3/4/1395 of the IRA has identified the following five priority programs for the Capital Region:

  1. Establishment of good governance
  2. Balanced urban development in the Capital Region
  3. Creation of economic activities
  4. Upgrading, renovation and improving the quality of unplanned settlements
  5. Development of basic infrastructure