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NoProject TitleLocationContractorStart DateDurationEnd DateProject CostStatus
1Provision of Internet servicesKabul Main OfficeGiganoor Services Provider Company1397/10/09121398/09/301,944,000.00Under Process
2Construction of water supply network of Paktia Kot , district ninth, Kabul Province9th District, KabulBest Choid Road Building and Construction Company1398/02/28181399/07/2717,416,815.88Under Construction
3Construction of 10 security towers for Barikab Industrial and agricultural parkBarikab, ParwanKhost Construction Company1398/03/1831398/08/84,925,206.52Under Construction
4The project for Destruction of houses, structures and construction of citation wall across BiBi Mahroo To Qala-e-Mussa Road- Kabul province10th District, KabulAfghan Mainwand Construction Company1398/03/2451398/08/2358,983,420.00Under Construction
5The project for construction of road from (station 0+800 to station 1+257 ) in BiBi Mahroo to Qala-e-Mussa aria10th District, KabulAfghan Government Building Enterprise1398/06/14101399/04/1617,122,967.35Under Construction
6Repair of 16 vehicles with the necessary equipment and servicesHead Office, KabulKahkashan Delawari Limited1398/03/641398/04/201,484,080.00Under Construction
7Renting of a house for CRIDA's Head Qaurter OfficeMain Office, KabulAbdul Wasi ( House Owner)1397/07/15121398/07/148,136,000.00Under Construction
8Renting of a house for acting CEO of the AuthorityMain Office, KabulMohammad Ibrahim (Representative of Owner)1397/07/14121398/07/131,200,000.00Under Construction
9Provision of lubricants (Diesel and Petrol)Main Office, KabulEhsan Farid Trading Company1397/10/23121398/10/2222,573,417.00Under Construction
10Provision of 52 lubricants and filtersMain Office, KabulRasool Spinghar Aryobi Company1398/04/0211398/05/011,418,250.00Completed
11Water supply system of Mohammad Agha industrial park project - Logar provinceMohammad Agha, LogarLatifi CompanyNot Started12Unknown44,424,239.20Procurement Process
12Power supply project of Mohammad Agha industrial park- Logar Province.Mohammad Agha, LogarShukrullah Karimi Company1398/06/056Unknown14,396,300.00Procurement Process
13Water Supply Network and Sewage System Project of Mamouzi Immigrant Township8th District, KabulIkhlas Kaihan CompanyNot Started5Unknown5,592,657.34Procurement Process
14Construction of Canal from Sarak-e- panj Timani to Canal Wazir Abad.4th District, KabulKawish Engineering Services CompanyNot Started3Unknown11,516,198.00Procurement Process
15Construction of stone road in the length of 980.7 Meter in Sayad Area of Kapisa Province.Sayad, KapisaSheghnan Road Building and Construction CompanyNot Started9Unknown28,602,757.80Procurement Process
16Construction of stone road in the length of1.103 KM in Timani aria of Kabul Provine.4th District, KabulMansoor Hellal Construction CompanyNot Started10Unknown23,997,088.00Procurement Process
17Construction of side roads in Paktia Kot area- 9th district Kabul Province.9th District, KabulSameer Nisar Road Building and Construction CompanyNot Started18Unknown61,742,974.10Procurement Process
18Construction of stone road and Canal around Eidghah mosque1th District, KabulHaseeb Ghaznain Construction Company1398/06/2651398/12/258,827,283.00Under Construction
19Procurnemnt of 71 stationery iterm for the AuthorityHead Office, KabulZamyad Trading Company1398/06/2511398/07/241,191,663.00Under Construction
20Constructin of stone roads in the length of 5.444 KM in Mahmood Raqi -Center of Kapisa Province.Mahmood Raqi, KapisaNew Spinghar Construction Company1398/05/27241400/05/26306,400,573.88Under Construction
21Renting of a house for parking of vehicles for the CRIDAHead Office, KabulZabihullah (Yard Owner)1397/12/18121398/09/301,661,270.00Under Construction
22Constructin of stone roads in the length of 4.38 KM in Charikar City - Center of Parwan Province.Charikar, ParwanBrand Super Construction Company and Cosmo Construction Company (JV)1398/01/17241400/01/16104,482,313.70Under Construction
23Construction of stone roads in the length of 6.1 KM in area of Wasel Abad - Kabul Province.7th District, KabulEbram Global Group Construction Company1398/02/31241400/02/30156,451,174.00Under Construction
24Construction of an enclosure wall of Chahar Asyab Terminal - Kabul Province.KabulGreat Etibar Construction Company1398/05/16101399/03/1531,667,519.20Under Construction
25Construction of stone road in Qala-e- Shahnan - Kabul province.KabulAfghan Construction Enterprise DirectorateNot Started Unknown133,237,834.50Procurement Process
26Construction of the Afghan symbol on the slope of Shir Darwaza Mountain.Kohe Shirdarwaza, KabulAfghan Construction Enterprise DirectorateNot Started Unknown6,286,160.00Procurement Process
NoProject TitleLocationContractorStart DateDurationEnd DateProject CostStatus
1Construction of Dehmazang Canal (Ghazi School to the Kabul Zoo)3th District, KabulAfghan Construction Companies Umbrella1397/01/1881397/10/1032,359,437.65Completed
2Construction of AOP Administrative Building2th District, KabulRushmore Consultancy and Construction Company1397/08/1261398/08/924,846,605.00Under Construction
3Construction of 1.414 Stone Road in Maidan ShahrMaidan Shahr, WardakBahar Kabul Construction and Construction Materail Production Company1397/06/3121398/09/127,797,257.18Under Construction
4Construction of Parwan Refugee Town Water SupplyParwanSefat Construction Company1397/0812151399/01/1197,231,639.31Under Construction
5Reconstruction of Eidgah Mosque1th District, KabulAziz Naeem Construction Company1396/12/14181398/06/1361,923,630.00Completed
6Construction of Eidgah Mosque Landscape (Green Area)1th District, KabulSefat Construction Company1397/01/18131398/02/1748,718,780.00Completed
7Construction of School in Paktia Koot,Kabul Province9th District, KabulAzami Naween Construction Company1397/01/2661398/05/1134,899,269.00Completed
8Re-Construction of Ajmeer CanalKabulHafez Construction Company1397/06/1441397/10/136,097,844.00Completed
9Barikab Industrial Park Water SupplyBarikab, ParwanSayqa Energy Supply and Construction Company1397/04/02121398/06/29261,384,767.00Under Construction
10Construction of 2.635 Km Stone Road in Yaka Toot9th District, KabulNew Spinghar Construction Company1397/06/7161398/10/671,701,988.03Under Construction
11Construction of 2.609 Km Stone Road in 12 Imam, Dashte Barche13th District, KabulBahar Kabul Construction and Construction Material Production Company1397/06/04121398/09/0360,551,736.34Under Construction
12Construction of 9.16 KM Canal in Dashte Barche13th District, KabulKawesh Engineering Services Company and Imdad Construction Company (JV)1397/06/04161398/10/245,329,765.00Under Construction
13Construction of 2.25 Km Asphalt Road in Dashte Barche13th District, KabulFaqir Mohammad Rahmani Construction Company and Green Kabul Construction Company (JV)1397/07/08121398/07/0774,577,549.50Under Construction
14Construction of 4.95km road & 285Jireb LPP of Mohd AghaMohammad Agha, LogarMansoor Hellal Buliding and Road Construction Company and Conservable Construction Company (JV)1397/08/13181399/02/11203,756,509.72Under Construction
15Kabul River Cleaning Phase III (2.5 Km), from Kha tamul Nabein to Pole ArtalKabulShah Faisal Construction Company1397/08/531397/12/1142,000,000.00Completed
16Maidan Shahar Logistic Park Road and leveling of AreaMaidan Shahr, WardakGalaxy Sky Construction Company and Bahramzoi Totakhail Construction Company1397/09/06121398/09/05115,198,189.10Under Construction
17Construction of Musahi Stone Road 3.2kmKabulSpindar Construction Company1397/12/27181399/06/2655,397,743.28Under Construction
NoProject TitleLocationContractorStart DateDurationEnd DateProject CostStatus
1Kabul River Cleaning ProjectKabulIrrigation System Development JV1396/03/27121397/03/2689,250,000.00Completed
2Cleaning the Kabul River for Creating Employment OpportunityKabulIrrigation System Development JV1396/07/2631396/10/2566,300,000.00Completed
3Construction of Domestic Handcrafts Training Center for WomenDeh Sabz, KabulFrank Sun Construction Company1398/01/2151398/07/2914,542,750.00Under Construction
4Construction of 1.344 Km Road in Parwan Refugee TownParwanAfghan Omid Construction Company1396/06/1591397/05/1374,678,203.00Completed
5Construction of 1.184 Km Road in Mohd. AghaMohammad Agha, LogarHamid Kochai Construction Company1396/06/1451396/11/1336,287,716.70Completed
6Construction of one School in Logar Prvince, M.agha Distract,Sorkhab villageMohammad Agha, LogarAfghan Lizar Construction Company1396/07/1241396/11/114,518,648.00Completed
7Construction of Low Cost House for RefugeeKabulAryana Rise Construction Company1396/05/1731396/09/3027,890,721.00Completed
8Construction of Residential building and Gravel Road in Qarogh areaKabulShah Faisal Construction Company and Saif Construction Company1397/01/661398/03/687,833,200.00Completed
9Construction of HootKhil Healthy Clinic with Boundary Wall9th District, KabulBuild Wheels Construction Company1397/03/8111398/05/68,919,026.00Completed
10Construction of Vocational Training Center in DehsabzDehsabz, KabulIqdam Brothers Construction Company18/07/1396419/03/13977,566,679.00Completed
11Construction of School 1 Story in Kabul Province 9th Distract, HootKhil area9th District, KabulHot Sun Construction Company15/09/1396422/05/139710,219,936.80Completed
12Construction of School 2 Story (1926 m2) in HootKhil,Kabul Prvince,9th Distract9th District, KabulGreat Wall Construction Company12/09/1396423/05/139711,890,020.00Completed
13Construction of School in Qalacha,Kabul Province9th District, KabulAfghan Eagar Construction Company28/12/13961627/04/139848,501,333.00Under Construction
14Provision of 55 items of information technology equipmentKabul Main OfficeRevival Construction and Construction Material Production Company1396/04/1921396/06/1923,616,610.00Completed
15Construction of Healthy Clinic with Boundery with Boundary Wall in Paktia Koot,Kabul Province9th District, KabulRahman Reza Construction Company1398/02/2361398/08/2213,616,890.00Under Construction
16Construction of 2.7 KM Road in Qala e Musa10th District, KabulNawin Hakimzada Construction Company1396/11/4101398/02/12154,444,842.00Under Construction
NoProject TitleLocationContractorStart DateDurationEnd DateProject CostStatus
1Installation of 15m Electrical Pole4th District, KabulMutmaen Sahebzada Construction Company1395/10/1321396/05/1710,543,644.00Completed
2Canal#2: Tank Teel Ariana to Taimany 5th Street4th District, KabulMashriq Engineering Company1395/10/29121396/12/7105,971,802.00Completed
3Constraction of Stone Road in Taimani Project4th District, KabulAfghan Omid Construction Company1395/11/30151397/05/1391,592,584.11Completed
4Barikab Industrial Park SewerageBarikab, ParwanLatifi deep well drilling company1395/12/29211397/09/2840,164,100Under Construction
5Barikab Industrial Park RoadsBarikab, ParwanComsoon Inshat Industry and Trade Company1395/11/29241398/03/28828,068,352.00Under Construction
6Construction of Stone Road in Sha Shaheed area kabul8th District, KabulAsef Khan Construction Company1395/11/3091397/11/2922,330,456.96Completed
7Canal#1: Traffic Square to Shaheed Square4th District, KabulMashriq Construction Company1395/10/29121397/01/27199,655,874.00Completed
8Barikab Industrial Park Water SupplyBarikab, ParwanExcelent Planning and Construction Company1395/12/29211397/12/2869,453,263.00Under Construction