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Construction of transport terminals in Kabul city to reduce traffic congestion, boost economic growth
  • 09:05 am October 06 2020
  • Kabul

Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA), in accordance with a resolution of the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is constructing four transport, freight, and commuter terminals in the east, west, south and north of Kabul city, which will be considered the biggest economic market in the capital city.

A follow up meeting chaired by CRIDA technical deputy Sultan Ahmad Azizi and attended by district governors from Qara Bagh, Paghman, Khak-e-Jabar and CRIDA technical team, was held in the organization’s headquarters where a number of developmental issues were discussed.

Meanwhile, construction of the surrounding wall for the southern terminal in Chahar Asiab district has been completed and the necessary steps will be taken for the planning of interior development.

The objectives of the terminals are establishment of a standard transportation system, providing better commuting facilities, paving the ground for the process and packaging of domestic products to meet international standards for exportation, providing logistic facilities, balanced development, and job creation to reduce the traffic congestion in Kabul and eliminate security threats at the entrance gates of the capital city.