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Taimani stone-paved roads inaugurated
  • 08:34 am October 24 2020
  • Kabul

Stone-paved roads in the New Project of Taimani, 4th district of Kabul city, inaugurated on Saturday.

Talking at the inauguration, Sultan Ahmad Azizi, Technical Deputy of the Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA), thanked the locals for their unwavering support during the implementation process, while calling the project an important step in urban development and providing better commuting, he called for locals’ cooperation in protection of the roads.  

He said the project had been executed at the request of the locals and based on their problems, so they should act in unity to prevent overloaded vehicles from crossing the streets which could cause early destruction of the streets.

In the meantime, Colonel Sarajuddin Meri, an influential figure from the area, appreciated CRIDA’s efforts for construction and reconstruction of welfare projects, saying locals are responsible to protect and maintain the constructed roads. He stated that implementation of the project in the area not only solved commuting problems but it has also been effective in creating a clean environment which in turn helped in reduction of diseases.

An elderly woman, speaking on behalf of the locals, welcomed construction of the roads, adding that all the people from children to elders were happy for the execution of the project. She said she had been living in the neighborhood for 40 years and residents were faced challenges due to dirty streets and unpaved roads.

It’s worth mentioning that construction of the 1.1km streets is the second phase of the 4.21km stone-paved roads project in New Taimani Project whose first phase had been already inaugurated and the second phase was implemented after the first had been warmly welcomed by the locals.

The project designed by CRIDA cost AFN 23 million and was funded by the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.