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CEO meets elders from Sola Township of 17th district
  • 08:17 am October 26 2020
  • Kabul

Najibullah Shinwaray, Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in the presence of his technical deputy Sultan Ahmad Azizi, met with representatives and elders from Sola Township of 17th district of Kabul city.

In the meeting held in CRIDA headquarters the locals complained about the lack of paved roads in their neighborhood, saying various entities of urban development sector have conducted multiple surveys in the area, but nothing practical has been done in this regard.

Hearing the locals’ complaints CEO Shinwaray instructed his technical deputy to pay serious attention to solving commuting problems of the area in close cooperation with other urban development organizations, and if they have no plan for road construction in the neighborhood, take the necessary measures considering the budgetary priorities.