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CEO meets elders from multiple Kabul localities
  • 12:18 pm November 04 2020
  • Kabul

Najibullah Shinwaray, Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) along with Sultan Ahmad Azizi, CRID’s technical deputy, met with elders from Shene, Ahmad Shah Baba Mena township, Botkhak and Qala-e-Shahnan to discuss development activities in their neighborhoods.

The elders, while asking CRIDA to build roads, buildings for schools and recreation areas in their localities, termed the lack of paved roads as their major environmental challenge. They said,” We have not been provided any development services for years. They speak of balanced urban development, but we don’t see any sign of it in our areas, so we call on CRIDA to ensure balanced urban development through implementing construction projects.”

After listening to their challenges and receiving their proposals, Mr. Shinwarai called on the elders to prioritize areas based on their vulnerabilities.

“Considering the availability of the necessary budget, I assure you we will take the required measures to solve the issues as soon as possible, because this is not only our job, but also our spiritual duty,” he said.

He urged the people to work closely with CRIDA and join hands to prevent social barriers to play an active role in construction of the country. The elders promised to support CRIDA leadership in implementing projects and the event ended with a Dua.