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Meeting of CRIDA CEO with residents and Youth Council of first and seventh precincts of Kabul city
  • 13:09 pm December 05 2018
  • Kabul

Dipl. Eng. Abdul Sami Stanekzai met residents and the Youth Council of first and seventh precincts of Kabul city in his work place while Mr. Abdul Tawab Yousufzai deputy of National Procurements Authority NPA and Mr. Khalid Ahmad Dayani, Advisor of NPA, were present.

meeting with people

In this meeting, which conducted on the purpose of betterment and smooth implementation of Hazar Zeena project, the residents and both districts’ Youth Councils declared their strong support for the project and promised to collaborate on assuring the security of the project.

Also the residents and the Youth Councils of the two districts had the following recommendations for the CRIDA:

  1. Pavement of Kabul river parallel road;
  2. Pavement of districts 1 and 7 connecting roads; and
  3. Pavement of connecting path of mid area of Hazar Zeena.   

Acting CEO of CRIDA, while appreciating peoples’ cooperation and support on security and implementation of the project, said that CRIDA will help the residents of the mentioned areas in providing raw materials and technical guidance; and the residents through provision of labor/ work force would take part in implementation of the proposed projects.

In the end, he added that Hazar Zeena project is culturally significant and has exemplary type. Similarly, in order to strengthen the relationship between authorities, residents and the youth council of the first and seventh districts; a photography camera was trusted by CRIDA to the Youth Council to cover cultural events and activities, as well as the progress of the Hazar Zeena Project.