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Responsible of Information Sharing

According to the provisions of the Access to Information Law, the Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) has been accountable to citizens of the country and is always ready to provide information on the services of this office.

Citizens who want different information about the activities of this authority should submit their questions or inquiries through information requisition form to access to information officer of publications and communication department.

Guidelines for using the information requisition form:

By clicking on bellow link, download and fill down the information requisition form. Later submit it to Access to Information Officer of Publications and Communication Department of the CRIDA.

Also you can request information through e-mail, but prior to that, please download and fill the following electronic form and send it to the e-mail address of Access to Information Officer.

Download the electronic information requisition form

Time to provide information

The information officer is responsible to submit the requested information as soon as possible within ten days, if the reasons are valid, it can be extended for another ten days

The information officer cannot provide you the information that includes: (name, family name, address of residence, place of residence, place of work, personal and family life status, health documents, notes, business information, bank account, password, and other information not concerned to his/her official job. Providing information to the media and the journalist in order to protect individuals and protect the lives or liberties of a person is not subject to this decree.

Access to information law


Provision of the following information is prohibited:

  1. In case independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and public safety are at risk;
  2. In case it disrupts the political, economic and cultural ties of Afghanistan with other countries;
  3. In case the life and property of a person are at risk;
  4. In case it prevents crime from being detected or prevented from committing a crime;
  5. In case the process of discovery, investigation and prosecution of the accused or the adoption of precautionary measures in this area would be disrupted;
  6. In case the process of a fair trial or enforcement of a ruling is disturbed;
  7. In case it violates a person's privacy.


Safiullah Sirat

Access to information officer

Contact: 0093767931193