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Developement of Economic Zones

CRIDA have plan to design and plan Recreational and Economic zone in Gul ghundi,
Sayad, Pagman, Estalif, Qargha, Dehsabz and Muhammad Aga Economic and Recreational zones which have capacity to attract investors and availability of land.


Economic Zone has attracted considerable influence during last decades in all over the world, but there is no significant growth in Afghanistan. Economic zones are typically geared to one or more of the following economic goals:

  • Strengthen and facilitate value chains and supply chains to foster rural-urban linkages ,

    preferably linked to specific sectors;

  • Value chain assessments for specific clusters which exhibit growth potential based on

    qualitative and quantitative data and research undertaken;

  • Agro-based manufacturing sector for value-added goods promoted by providing suitable

    resources in proximity to urban cores in order to increase market access;

  • Freight, logistics, warehousing, and refrigeration facilities (transport-distributionlogistics)

    priorities near agro-industrial hubs;

  • Stimulate urban agriculture and 'kitchen gardening' to improve food security.

Existing and Proposed economic zones